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Pi Eco Canada

Protecting & Preserving

Pi Eco Canada develops and deploys 

leading edge technologies aimed at 

protecting and preserving the environment. 

With a focus on local involvement our projects aim at

driving human, environmental and economic sustainability.

As of 2015, 8.3 billion tons of plastic has been produced globally.

​​Of that, 6.3 billion tons is now plastic waste.​

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Plastic Waste

In the current recycling system only 9% of plastic is recycled.


79% buried in landfills,

12% incinerated and

8,000,000 metric tonnes pollute our waterways.

Plastic to Fuel Conversion Systems

plastic conversion north carolina.png
Pi Eco Canada converts #3 to #7 plastic waste directly from a collection, sorting or recycling center.  Our systems shred, sort and segregate the plastics to ensure a 'ready to use' state and convert the waste to heating oil, bunker fuel and/or ASTM II diesel.
Each Pi Eco System  converts 4000 lbs / hour of plastic waste to
1520 litres of road ready diesel.
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