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Spectrum hydrogen powered   

lighting solutions

Prism offers turn key, self contained, plug & play parking lot and public access lighting systems.


Hydrogen Powered Lighting Systems

  • Standalone and complete 'pod' for the production, storage and electrical generation

  • Requirement matched storage capacity

  • Continuous and reliable power flow during energy recovery

  • Compatible with all sources of energy: ∙ Photovoltaic panels ∙ Wind turbine ∙ Hydroelectric ∙ Biomass …

  • Adapted to harsh conditions: tropical regions, saline environments, cold climates, windy areas…


  • Designed and fabricated for remote and rugged conditions, remotely monitored

  • No environmental impact compared to batteries or gensets: no CO2 emissions and no noise pollution


  • Low maintenance, remote condition monitoring

  • Adaptive operating modes: ∙ Emergency function: backup power ∙ Peak shaving ∙ Supply of energy for priority needs

  • SEMS: Smart Energy Management System includes; priority management, collection and archiving of data, forecasting algorithms, weather forecast, historical solar production, historical consumption, Real Time management strategy, remote access to data / maintenance 

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